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How the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) can help you


MBTI® in Business for Devon and the South West

The MBTI® is based on the theories of Swiss psychologist Carl G Jung and developed over a number of years by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers to make it accessible and applicable to the business community.

Since then, there have been over 40 years of research and many papers published on the MBTI®. It is now the leading personality type indicator in use within the business world for business people and for team-building.

It is well known that different people act very differently to similar events or circumstances. MBTI® is therefore aimed at exploring and understanding people's natural preferences for dealing successfully with differing situations. It is expressed in terms of how people prefer to re-energise themselves, take in information, make decisions, and what their lifestyle preferences are.

For each person, the two parts of the MBTI® analysis - the questionnaire and the results of a separate in-depth discussion - are brought together by the assessor to enable the individual to identify their own preferences, understand the implications and their own potential for future growth.

MBTI® Practitioner Devon - How we can help

Pragmatic Performance Management Ltd. PPM is based in Devon, and has qualified assessors who can provide the individual MBTI® assessment not only for the Devon and Cornwall areas, but all over the South West. PPM can also provide the requisite expert team facilitation to ensure that everyone understands the results of the MBTI® and employs those insights to benefit the business.

MBTI® - for the Individual

PPM can work with you to improve your self-understanding, your future potential, how you interact with others, and how to get the most of working with your colleagues.

MBTI® - for Team-Building

In a team context, PPM can facilitate the discussions to share the implications of individual assessments. This enables you to understand where other people's preferences differ for your own and helps you adapt your style of interaction accordingly to achieve the best results.

MBTI® - for Project Management

Companies, project managers, teams and clients do have preferences and also a preferred cultural working style - these are often unrecognised and therefore tend to have a negative rather than a positive influence.

Understanding these differences, and where possible matching styles and preferences, can greatly improve communication and delivery results - this leads to deeper client relationships, business referrals and more motivated staff. Contact us for more information.

PPM can also design bespoke programmes incorporating the MBTI, which work not only on improving personal and team dynamics, but also on resolving specific issues and challenges within your business.

To explore what MBTI® could do for people and team-building in your business, contact MBTI® at PPM to arrange an initial meeting (free of charge) to discuss your organisation's specific needs.

Please call us on the number above, for more information on MBTI, team-building, Myers Briggs testing in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, including Exeter, the South Hams, Tavistock. We can help with MBTI assessment, psychometric testing, Psychometric tools, personality preferences, team dynamics, Personality profiling, Team profiling, Team building, Workforce development, team communications. Are you a entj, entp, estj, estp, intj, intp, istj, istp, esfj, esfp, enfj, enfp, isfj, infj, isfp, or infp? See how this knowleddge can significantly help your business, career, colleagues, or employees, or all of these.