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Pragmatic Performance Management
Pragmatic Performance Management

Implementing not just Consulting

Pragmatic Performance Management (PPM) Ltd is the South West’s leading business acceleration consultancy for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

We have a vision that businesses should be able to have delighted customers, motivated employees, confident leadership and the resilience to thrive in times of change. We work with SME owners and managers to stimulate business growth through allocating the appropriate specialists and approaches needed to match existing resources and future requirements.

Through providing both guidance and resources, we enable businesses to grow successfully, sustainably and profitably.

We combine consultancy and hands-on implementation to find the appropriate business acceleration solutions to match an organisation's specific needs. We understand the key issues facing business in today's fast-moving and highly competitive commercial world - the need for the resource capacity to deliver products and services so that:
  • delighted customers come back time and time again,
  • suppliers are encouraged to earn loyalty through mutual support,
  • employees are motivated to drive the business forward,
  • emotionally intelligent directors set aspirational goals,
  • the business has the confidence to thrive on the challenge of change.
Key to our business acceleration approach is our commitment to ensuring any intervention or change is sustainable for the organisation - and links to a shared aspirational vision.

We achieve this by cultivating people's skills as we work with them, so that they become self-sufficient as soon as possible. We encourage cross-functional (departmental) understanding to produce winning, cohesive teams.

Pragmatic Performance Management has the capacity to provide business acceleration support for businesses in different ways:
  • Board Advisors/Non-Execs who add specialist knowledge, experience and objectivity to strategic planning and executive decision making.

  • MBTI® Personality Type Profiling for Team Building, Leadership and Management Development – enabling individuals to understand how their behaviour and actions influence and motivate others.

  • LIMA™ business change tool which analyses and identifies the means to achieve coherent evolution rather than disconnected revolution.

  • Specialists on Tap™ who solve resourcing issues either by rolling up their sleeves and getting on with the job in hand or coaching individuals to deliver what the business needs, when it needs it.

  • Flying Squad™ who partner innovative business owners to attract investment for growth.
Click on the above links to access more detailed information on each of the PPM services or contact PPM to arrange an initial meeting (free of charge) to discover how we can help you accelerate your business growth.