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  Lima was the Roman Goddess of Thresholds. Pragmatic Performance Management’s LIMA™ is a unique tool that enables businesses to accelerate their growth cohesively, reducing stress and tension on different teams or departments.

Our experience of working within businesses of all sizes over the years has shown that whenever a new initiative is implemented, it often causes an imbalance across the business as different teams and departments try to support the initiative in different ways.

Progress in business has been likened to moving a jelly – equal pressure has to be applied over a wide area to move a jelly safely. Typically what happens however is that too much weight is given to one area, pushing it forward too fast, with the result that it either fractures or springs back to its starting point.

LIMA™ enables different parts of an organisation (division, department, team etc.) to look objectively at how:

  • they work within the context of the overall company,
  • these different parts should link together (ie cross departmental thresholds),
  • to implement a more sustainable and less stressful solution across the whole business.

  • Rather than focusing on just one area to introduce change (or to solve a perceived problem), LIMA™ ensures success is achieved more quickly and sustainably by making a programme of gradual and subtle changes throughout the whole organisation – in the right order.

    LIMA™ ensures:

  • day to day business operations do not suffer during change as people are less distracted from their core work,
  • staff see the benefits of working together across the organisation to identify and introduce improvements rather than making local changes which may cause pain/pushback from other teams,
  • overall business improvements are retained as integrated solutions and changes have a positive impact and encourage flexibility for the future.

  • Business improvement is a journey – LIMA™ gives you the means to bridge the gaps to achieve coherent evolution rather than disconnected change.

    To experience a taster of what LIMA™ could do for your business, contact LIMA at PPM to arrange an initial meeting (free of charge) to discuss your organisation’s specific needs.